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Welcome to Somerville Advisory Group

Within our group you’ll find a comprehensive suite of services to deliver innovative, successful and profitable outcomes for individuals, SME's and large corporations.

Across the Somerville Group, you’ll notice a difference to many professional services companies: a refusal to be mired in corporate speak, a dislike of platitudes, and an allergy to adhering to a process simply for the sake of adhering to a process.

We focus on results. We speak frankly. And we’ve learned that unique, innovative strategies trump the staid old approaches and methods of yesteryear.

We’re proud of our track record, and we know it forms the foundation for our trusted reputation. But far more important to us is a financially successful future.

A financially successful future that we’d love to share with you and your business.


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Our Advisory Group

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Linda Somerville
Office Administrator/SMSF/Corporate Secretarial

Linda has been working in the taxation and accounting services for 14 years. She has specialised in SMSF’s throughout this time and more recently expanded to include Corporate Secretarial services within Somerville Advisory Group.